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Our services
  • Market research in either Italy or China for the purchase or sale of products or machinery.

  • Commercial information on specific business fields.

  • Search for the best suppliers/buyers in Italy and China for machinery, raw materials, technology, and expertise as well as a variety of products, including fashion, footwear, furniture, light industrial products, and components.

  • Promotional services within Italy and China for foreign companies.

  • Definition of business strategies for entering the Chinese or Italian market as well as the identification of distribution channels.

  • Assistance during business negotiations.

  • Monitoring of production that has been outsourced to China.

  • Search for suitable partners with which to establish joint or cooperative ventures.

  • Organization of business trips for foreign delegations visiting Italy or China.

  • Assistance to foreign companies for attending trade fairs in Italy or China.

  • Translation and interpretation.